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We're different. 
   No, seriously, we are.

Better Atmoshere. 

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We have set ourselves apart from other gyms by focusing entirely on small group classes (10-12 people maximum) and private lessons.

During all classes and private sessions our doors are closed to anyone not participating in that particular class or session.

Edge Fitness Studio offers a more private, more exclusive training atmosphere than you will find at almost any other gym. 

Better Coaching.


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Our owner and head trainer, Don, has over 20 years of fitness experience.

When Don isn't training himself or others, he is studying, researching, and thinking about training.

In exercise and fitness, how you do something is just as important, if not more so, than what you do. 


Any trainer without decades of experience will not have the necessary knowledge to coach you correctly.

Better Training.

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Edge Fitness Studio has the training equipment to get you stronger, leaner and healthier than ever before.
Our equipment allows you to train through your body's natural movement patterns: Swinging, hip hinging, squatting, pressing, carrying, pulling, twisting, etc. 

These natural movement patterns, performed with our free weight equipment, will add more muscle, burn more calories and make you much stronger than training with weight machines ever could.

Our mat makes a difference.

All classes are performed barefoot, on a 500sqft, high density, crosslink foam mat, mitigating joint stress and promoting foot and ankle strength.


Our foam is covered by a single piece, professional grade, vinyl sheet.  Because our mat cover is a single sheet and we do not use puzzle mats like most gyms, there is no risk of injuring your toes because there are no gaps for your toes to get stuck in.

A single sheet of vinyl doesn't have any gaps, so dirt and sweat can't work into any crevices.  This allows us to keep our mats incredibly sanitary and smelling fresh!  No gym smell here! 

You have higher standards.  

 So do we.

Get more attention from our training staff – giving you better coaching and better results.

All classes feature modifications for any fitness level; nobody is left out.

Small class sizes foster an environment for members to build relationships and motivate each other.